Community Programs

Community Programming

  1. Elementary School’s Program

    Dependent upon the respective school and their particular preference, the MFMFC Elementary School program, can be tailored to suit every schedule, through the delivery of ‘In-School’ or ‘After-School’ Training programs. Following the principles of Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD) and by focusing on the acquisition of Fundamental skills and athletic proficiency, the training program will meet established educational and athletic outcomes.

  2. Blind/Visually Impaired Soccer Program

    In a unique and exciting tri-party relationship between the Canadian Blind Sports Association (CBSA), the BC Blind Sports & Recreation Association (BCBSRA) and Magnuson Ford Mariners FC (MFMFC), in which staff coaches from MFMFC will provide soccer coaching services to facilitate soccer programming for blind/visually impaired athletes & students, across the Province of BC.

  3. Special Olympics SoccerMFMFC is delighted to announce an exciting new partnership with Special Olympics BC.  Through the local Abbotsford Chapter of Special Olympics BC, MFMFC will provide a range of technical support to the Special Olympics soccer program.
  4. Sisters in Soccer
  5. Abby PD Soccer Program
  6. Indo-Pacific Soccer Academy

    Magnuson Ford Mariners FC is delighted to become an Associate Club of the Indo-Pacific Soccer Academy. This unique program, owned and operated by Professionally Advanced Soccer Services Ltd (PASS Ltd) and in collaboration with Youth for Change (YFC) Rurka Kalan, India, will consist of the following programming and opportunities….