Grassroots 1 Indoor CANCELLED TONIGHT

Grassroots 1 Fall Indoor Program Update November 10th

Tonight’s Session CANCELLED

Please read on.
Well, we thought we had this all sorted this year.  Our contract with the School District was such that we had free and clear access to the gym at Prince Charles Elementary School from now through to March for the Indoor Programming. 
This has evidently changed. 
Last night’s session was cancelled due to a school activity.  The same holds for tonight.  We had not been informed of this change, nor was the Facilities Department at the School District. These are the folks who do the booking for us and usually let us know of any cancellations. 
When the contract was arranged, the only unavailable night was November 24th, a Parent Teacher Conference night.  We were going to accommodate this night with an ‘extra’ Thursday night on December 8th.
We are now awaiting confirmation of the rest of our contract.  Sadly, we have gone through this before with the School District, chatted with them about the importance of continuity of our programs, fairness to those signing up for the programs, etc.   
Armed with the assurance that all was well this year, we booked the indoor program again.  Now this.  We, as a club, are frustrated and disappointed.
We are now entertaining the idea of moving this program back to the Great Outdoors.  We are currently trying to arrange time at the new Mouat Turf Fields or another lit facility.  
If this is a possibility, we are wondering if you would like to continue the program outdoors.  Please fire back an email to with a choice of the options below.
Please keep in mind we are hoping to work with the school to continue indoors but, failing that, we are left with the following options:
Option 1:     Go Outdoors.  Same Days, Same Times
Option 2: Go Outdoors. Same Days.  All Times from 6 pm – 7 pm
(We would need to ensure adequate coaching staff)
Option 3: Cancel Registration.  Credit Account or Full Refund.
Please let me know of your thoughts, along with any comments.  
We can do nothing but apologize for this disruption and we will ensure that all sessions are covered or appropriate refunds made available to you.
Dan Village
General Manager
Abbotsford Soccer Associaiton