Long Term Player Development Information




As a part of BC Soccer’s ongoing commitment to lead the implementation of Canada Soccer’s Long Term Player Development (LTPD) model, BC Soccer is pleased to re-distribute CSA’s and BC Soccer’s LTPD related content, at the links below.


It is important that we continue to increase awareness about Canada Soccer’s Long Term Player Development model, because it plays a key role in the development of our young players, ensuring they receive age appropriate training whilst enjoying their participation in soccer.

Our Goal

Whilst results on BC Soccer’s 2013 Member Survey were more favorable, the results from BC Soccer’s 2013 Public survey found that 94% of people in the soccer community had heard of LTPD but less than 25% were “Very Knowledgeable” on the subject. We’re working to change that by:

  • Ensuring that every coach, player, and parent has access to these resources through their member organization
  • Having all BC Soccer affiliated Youth Districts and their affiliate clubs engaged with LTPD and LTPD resources by June of 2015

More information needed?

o   Canada Soccer LTPD – http://www.canadasoccer.com/canada-soccer-pathway-p156416

o   BC Soccer LTPD – http://www.bcsoccer.net/long-term-player-development

  • Creating a separate LTPD page of your organization’s website that hosts these resources


Thank You

With your support and dedication to promoting Long Term Player Development, we can all help increase awareness about this important framework for player development.dlAttach