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Willow Creek

Click HERE to check out their products and begin the process by making your first order!  Free, next day shipping for orders over $40.00 just adds to the convenience.

Abbotsford Magnuson Ford Soccer Club is proud to announce a new partnership with Willow Creek Organic Grain Company.  ‘Simply Nutritional’ is this local company’s motto and that, combined with their interest in supporting local non-profit organizations like our soccer club, help make them a perfect fit for our club.

The concept behind this sponsorship is simple.  Your family purchases food items from Willow Creek and 20% of the total purchase price comes to the club.  Willow Creek prides themselves on offering a wide range of products that truly focus on healthy eating and nutrition.  We in the soccer office benefited from taste testing one of their many recipes, a wonderful muffin recipe that was truly a healthy snack.

With so many customers now shopping online, this makes your food purchases for the items we use every day both convenient and supportive of our soccer club.  Their prices are competitive and add in that extra bit of comfort in knowing that your purchase is supporting local business as well as being a nutritional choice that benefits the soccer club and you have a win-win-win!


**When completing your order, just make sure you click on Abbotsford Soccer as the recipient of the fund raising proceeds.