2015 Spring Academy

Abbotsford MF Soccer Club Spring Academy Programming

program begins april 7th

(following the Easter Monday Holiday)

running through to the week of june 22nd

Players showing an ambition and desire for competition who are wishing to enhance their techniques, skills, fitness and overall appreciation of the beautiful game are encouraged to participate in the appropriate Spring Academy Program, which will all be overseen, managed and delivered by the Club TD, Ian Knight and other Staff coaches.

All Academies will run for 12 weeks (Apr-Jun) and each will offer 2 training session/wk. All Training will be based at the Abbotsford Secondary School – Turf Field or WJ Mouat Secondary School – Turf Field.

The “Prospects” Academy:

This program is specific to the U7-U10 age group players (‘08/’07/’06/’05).

The “Prospects” Academy players will participate in a training and games program involving other district/regional club partners. Games are to be confirmed, but likely to be arranged on a ‘festival’ style basis and based on appropriate LTPD standards. Additionally, the option of attending selected Tournaments will be discussed with the parent group.

The “Selects” Academy:

This program is open to all players in the Fall Super 8’s age group U10-U12 (’05/’04/’03).

The U10 &U11 (‘05/’04) age group will continue to work in the Super 8’s format, the U12 (’03) age group will play full-field (11v11) games, in an effort to help transition the players into U13 soccer in the following fall season. Exhibition games will be sought against other lower mainland clubs. Tournaments will be the main games program for the “Selects”.

The “Divisional” Academy:

This program is available to players & teams in the U13-U16 age group (‘99-’02).

The “Divisional” Academy will participate in a weekly training program, with several identified tournaments providing the main games programming for the “Divisional” Academy Teams, along with some ad-hoc exhibition games.

Each age-specific Academy will receive coaching assistance and oversight from a Club Staff Coach for both training sessions each week. Parent-Volunteer coaches will assist in training sessions and take charge of all games.

Goalkeeper Academy:

All GK’s who register within their respective age/gender division will receive a GK specific session once a week, on one of your designated training nights.


Fee structure and breakdown is provided below…

Tournament entry fees are NOT part of the Academy registration and as such, will be required to be paid separately. Teams employing a full-time staff coach will also be required to cover the cost of accommodation for the coach, where applicable.

The following Tournaments are provided as suggestions. It is encouraged that the “Selects” & “Divisional” (and possibly the U9/10 age groups in the “Prospects”) will participate in a minimum of two & maximum of three Tournaments.

The preference is that we send a number of teams to the selected tournaments, as opposed to individual teams. Club presence, additional support and unity are the reasoning for this.




All Teams in the U10-U16 age groups are encouraged to participate in Tournaments #1 & #2 with a discussion to be had with respective teams/parents in regard to entering #3 OR #4.

We would suggest 2-3 Tournaments are entered, in order to offer the player’s sufficient competitive games time during the period.


  1. March 28-29, 2015 – Whitecaps FC Adidas Cup

Location: Newton Athletic Park, Surrey BC

Open to: Girls & Boys, U-9 to U-12

Calibre: All skill level

Entry Fee: $395 + GST ($414.75)

Entry Deadline:

Format: U-9/U-10 play 25 minute halves (8 per side). U-11/U-12 play 30 minute halves (8 per side)

Teams will be arranged in tournament brackets based on age and skill-level.

Website: www.whitecapsfc.com/youth/programs/tournaments/wfccup


  1. May 16-18, 2015 – KYSA Slurpee Cup

Location: Kamloops, BC
Open to: U11 – U18 Boys & Girls

Calibre: Metro, Gold, Silver

Entry Fee: $400 (U11-U15) or $450 (U16-U18)

Entry Deadline: April 1, 2015

Format: The 2015 KYSA Slurpee Cup will be a 3-day event. All teams will play 4 games over the three days. There will be one game only scheduled for each team on Monday, May 18!

Web Site: www.kysacup.kysa.net


  1. June 20-21, 2015 – Snohomish United Invitational

Location: Snohomish/Stocker Fields

Open to: U10 – U18 Boys & Girls

Calibre: Competitive, other State Associations, Foreign Teams

Entry Fee: US$300 (U10) or US$550 (U11-U18)

Entry Deadline: May 10, 2015

Website: www.snohomishyouthsoccer.org


  1. June 26-28, 2015 – Baker Blast

Location: Northwest Soccer Park, Bellingham

Open to: U11 – U18 Boys & Girls

Calibre: Competitive, other State Associations, Foreign Teams

Entry Fee: US$500

Entry Deadline:

Format: Each squad is guaranteed 3 match minimum with ALL teams playing one match on Friday and two on Saturday. PLEASE NOTE: ALL Teams need to be prepared to play as early as a 2:40 PM match on Friday. Unfortunately we are not able to accommodate all teams to play late evening matches. Semi-finals and finals are played on Sunday.

Web Site: http://www.whatcomsoccer.com/Baker%20Blast/BB%20home.htm

Training Schedule

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The Spring Academy Registration can be completed by clicking HERE.

Please note that by completing the on-line form, your player is not registered until payment is received at the office within 10 business days.

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