2004 – 2006 Super 8s Tier 1 Program

The “TIER 1” Program


“Tier 1” is an AMFSC in-house term used to describe the top team(s) at the Super 8’s stage of development. The age groups are U10-U12 and teams are made of players deemed to be advanced for the respective age division.


To assist these identified players, we assign an appointed Staff Coach, in order to provide the appropriate professional oversight, management and technical guidance that is required in order for these players/teams to compete at the competitive level of play. Additional fees (over and above the club registration) are payable to cover the cost of this coaching.

League Play:

Through the U10-U12 divisions, the teams play in various Leagues.

The Tri-Cities Development League is where we place our U10 & U11 teams.

The U10 teams are placed one year up but play in Div2. If we have two U11 teams, we usually place one team into Div1 and the other in Div2.

5 District League is where we place our U12 Boys teams. Typically we will have a team in Div1 & Div2

BC Coastal Girls Soccer League (BCCGSL) is where we place our U12 Girls teams. Typically we will have a team in Div1 or Div2.

Club Academy:

The club provides additional learning opportunities through the regular season (Sept-Mar) by offering the Fall Academy program. Along with technical & small-sided game instruction, the Fall Academy also provides for specific physical development & conditioning training. All elements of the Fall Academy offer the focused & committed player the ability to advance their learning and to assist with maintaining a competitive edge.

In the spring period (Apr-Jun) the Tier 1 Teams move into the Spring “Tier 1” Academy program, which is a tournament based program. This offers the players a different learning environment along with the opportunity to experience team travel. Both the Fall & Spring Academy programs offer Goalkeeping specific training.

The Club Technical Director and appointed staff coaches deliver the Fall & Spring Academy program.

Although the club does not ‘mandate’ that Tier 1 teams/players participate within the Academy programs, we do strongly encourage that all Tier 1 players consider the many benefits from participation, including both individual skill & team development aspects. The alternate is to lose the additional 60 hours of additional training & development time per year, as well as to constantly re-acquaint & re-build team chemistry each pre- season.