(2004 – 2005) Super 8s Divisional

2004 – 2005 Super 8′s

All U11 and U12 teams play the Super 8 format (8v8).

Super 8’s:

Field 8 players per side on a smaller field (1 goalkeeper and 7 field players):
develops touch and ball control skills

Smaller goals (18 feet wide and 6 feet high):

proportionate to size, develops goalkeepers

Modified offside rule: a player can only be offside in the attacking third of the field:

promotes attacking play and still prevents “goal sucking”

 Where do the U11 & U12 Super 8`s play

At U11 boys and girls from Abbotsford MFSC become part of a League run by the Fraser Valley Youth Soccer Association.

At U12 boys remain in the FVYSA League, the girls become part of the BC Coastal Girls Soccer League.

Players graduating the Grassroots II program, who wish to enter the FVYSA league at U11, may be asked to attend an assessment/evaluation process.

Following the Selection process, non-selected players will remain a part of our Grassroots II program.

  • We try to limit teams to no more than 12 players to ensure ample playing time
  • Travel for these teams is within the Fraser Valley
  • Training once per week; games on weekends
  • Players available for promotion to the Select Team program
  • Additional development opportunity by attending the Jnr Academy